We'd love to look after your dog or cat while you are away. Often the security and comfort of staying in their own house provides pets with a more enjoyable experience than boarding in an unknown environment.
If you would like your pet to stay in their own surroundings we can come once or twice a day to feed, water and walk as required. You supply your pets usual diet, we provide playtime and petting, brushing and renewal of litter trays. Your house will stay safe while you're away because we will collect mail, turn on and off lights and draw curtains.
Other complimentary services include watering indoor plants & the garden and putting out the garbage & recycling. We provide regular reports by text message while you're away so you'll have peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are safe & sound.
Casual Pet Minding Schedule
Collection from your house at a time suitable for you
Group walk 1 Hour
Sleeping inside with access to outside Until the morning
Morning feed
Morning walk 30 Minutes
Return to your house at a time suitable for you